sculpture 2

As a follow-up to a previous discussion regarding a place to honor past, present and future mayors at one location the Town Council has approved a plan to expand upon an already approved sculpture for Avenue of the Fountain Plaza.

The Public Art Community approached town staff after the previous discussion in May and proposed that the “Walk of Mayors” be incorporated into the planned “Fountain of Light” sculpture.

The Public Art Committee is proposing that the base of the sculpture be used to accommodate up to 27, 8”x10” plaques to commemorate the previous and future mayors. There are nine mayors who will be commemorated with space for 18 additional plaques.

The committee has also requested the Town of Fountain Hills allocate $50,000 toward the Fountain of Light sculpture to assure its completion by December for dedication with the 50th anniversary of the fountain. There is adequate money in the Public Art Fund to make the contribution, which the council also approved with its motion.

Councilman Dennis Brown made the original proposal for the Walk of Mayors and said he supports the proposal.

“This is a great idea,” Brown said. “It will be a real nice addition to the Avenue.”

Town Manager Grady Miller described the plan as a “win, win” to help with the funding for the sculpture as well as treat all future mayors the same with regard to recognition.

The vote to approve was 6-0 with Mayor Ginny Dickey excusing herself from the discussion.