Fountain Hills public safety officials want residents to know how to prepare for the event they are forced to evacuate their home in an emergency. The goal is to get residents familiar with the “Ready, Set, Go!” Program.

Ready, Set, Go! is a nationwide program adopted by the 15 Arizona Sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened. The three steps encourage Arizonans to get “ready” by preparing ahead for what threatens the community, be “set” by maintaining awareness of significant danger, and to “go” by evacuating immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening.


Be aware of the hazards that can threaten the community.

Take steps now to prepare for seasonal threats.

Register with the local emergency notification system. In Fountain Hills, register with Code Red to receive emergency notifications. Go to

Connect with the local emergency management office, sheriff's office, and public health department on social media.

Make a family evacuation and communication plan that includes family phone numbers, out-of-town contacts, and family meeting locations. Pay special attention to those who have special needs, such as those in mobility chairs, or bedridden.

Build an emergency go-kit with enough food, water and necessary supplies for at least 72 hours. Include supplies to help keep family members healthy, such as face coverings, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. Start with the five P’s: people and pet supplies, prescriptions, papers, personal needs, and priceless items. Go to for more information.


Know there is significant danger in the area.

Residents should consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area. Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating.

Grab the emergency go kit.

Keep in mind unique needs for the family or special equipment for pets.

Stay aware of the latest news and information from public safety and public health officials.

This might be the only notice received. Emergency responders cannot guarantee they will be able to notify everyone if conditions rapidly deteriorate. Be “set” to “go.”


Danger in the immediate area is imminent and life-threatening.

Residents should evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area.

Residents should avoid close contact with those who are sick and should practice public health recommendations when relocating. Shelter locations will be established away from the hazard zone.

Those residents who are unable to evacuate due to mobility, health, or other issues should call 911 and report their situation to the Sheriff’s office.

For those who choose to ignore the “go” advisement, it is important to understand emergency responders may not be able to assist further.

Follow instructions from emergency personnel, stay on designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.

Keep in mind that some may be directed to shelter in place. Emergency responders will make that determination based on conditions.

Wildfire season is the time to clear away all materials that could burn—including leaves or needles and other debris—from the roof, gutters, and decks (on top and below), and around the foundation of the home. Remove any dead trees or brush within 30 feet of the structure to provide firefighters a safe zone to work. Prune tree limbs six to ten feet off the ground.

The Town of Fountain Hills and its partners, including Rural Metro, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, and the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management, are working to keep the community and its citizens safe from harm. They ask resident to “help first responders help you.”