While attending legislative sessions may not be an option, the Arizona Legislature provides a way to communicate with legislators.

The Request to Speak (RTS) program is available to Arizona residents wishing to weigh in on legislation introduced each year.

Online registration is available, but a one-time, in-person visit to the capitol is required to verify contact information.

To set up a new account, go to apps.azleg.gov/Account/SignOn?ReturnUrl=%2f.

Log on to apps.azleg.gov and click the Request to Speak icon for information about committee hearings.

The Request to Speak program enables voters and those interested in the legislative process to participate in government.

The system is designed to collect public input so all can offer support or opposition to bills. At one time, the Request to Speak system was available only in person, but the electronic system now provides all citizens the opportunity to have their voices heard.