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When the new Fountain Hills Medical Center (FHMC) opens next year, it will provide Fountain Hills and surrounding area with a new option for emergency care. The emergency room will be staffed 24/7 with an emergency medical team of physicians, RN’s and paramedics.

According to FHMC Project Manager Pete Peters, two things are of the utmost importance when emergencies happen – how quickly it is recognized as an emergency and how fast the patient gets to an ER. Living near a hospital, he said, can literally save lives due to proximity.

“If you recognize an emergency quickly, being a short distance from a hospital can make all the difference,” Peters said. “Residents of Fountain Hills and the surrounding area will have the advantage of being able to arrive in the emergency room in just a few short minutes.”

The Fountain Hills Medical Center plans to provide more to the area than just the convenience of an emergency room. The hospital will offer additional hospital services including state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, laboratory and surgical services. Rapid evaluation of every ER patient ensures that the hospital can quickly determine the level of care needed, start diagnostic treatments, order medications and begin life-saving interventions, Peters added.

Hospital construction is moving toward a late 2020 completion date. FHMC has been actively interviewing and hiring many healthcare professionals who live in Fountain Hills.

“We are thrilled at the talented pool of candidates from the area,” Peters said. “We look forward to introducing our new hires in the coming months and serving the community when we open in 2021.”

For more information, visit fhmc.com or follow on Facebook at “FHMCAZ.”