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It was announced Wednesday morning, Oct. 28, that the Fountain Hills High School campus would be closing for 14 days while students were sent home to quarantine due to COVID-19 concerns.

According to Fountain Hills Unified School District Superintendent Kelly Glass, a couple of positive COVID-19 tests on the high school campus resulted in contact tracing that showed a significant number of individuals on campus were potentially exposed.

“From there, we made the determination to close the high school campus immediately to keep our students, staff and community safe,” Glass said. “There were so many individuals involved with the tracing, we couldn’t take the risk of trying to monitor symptoms versus sending everyone home.”

All campus activities, including homecoming and planned sporting events, have been cancelled. As of this writing, the campus is expected to reopen on Nov. 12. Also, as of this writing, neither McDowell Mountain Elementary School nor Fountain Hills Middle School are impacted by the high school closure.

Glass said that a breakdown of the events and further details would be sent to district parents sometime Wednesday.