There are over 36,000 homeless people in Arizona, which equates to one in every 184 Arizonans being homeless. The sheer number of people that need help is overwhelming and Fountain Hills Girl Scouts is reaching out with “Blessing Bags.”

A Blessing Bag is a small assortment of basic toiletries, snacks and life essentials in a Ziploc bag, given to those in need. The scouts will deliver these bags individually and to shelters each week, as they are completed, from now through May.

A suggested wish list is: bottled water, Ziploc bags, granola bars, trail mix, tuna/cracker packs, peanuts, jerky, chap sticks, sunblock, deodorant, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, travel size first aid kits, combs/brushes, feminine products and toothpaste/toothbrushes/floss.

The Fountain Hills Girl Scouts are looking for some additional support with this community service project and are on the lookout for donations of trial size toiletries, snacks and life essentials. Their goal is to touch as many lives as they can in the next two months.

For those who wish to participate, contact Blessing Bag’s coordinator Jennifer Brandstetter at 480-298-9284 or email

“This is a wonderful activity for families and for children to learn about the importance of paying it forward,” Brandstetter said. “Thank you in advance for your generosity!”