Fountain Park

The Town Council has approved a proposal for the Town of Fountain Hills to join the Arizona Thrives initiative, a program being developed through a coordinated effort of businesses, government and organizations. The goal is to plan a path forward to achieving a healthy economy as Arizona transitions to clean air, clean energy and low carbon emissions.

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) is urging its members to join the effort. Town staff determined there are no costs or membership fees, economic impacts or apparent downsides to Fountain Hills joining the effort.

Arizona Thrives has developed its framework through the work of a group of community leaders wanting to improve air quality, ensure vibrant communities and bolster the economy by seeking to accelerate the transition to lower cost and reliable clean energy.

Arizona Thrives does not impose requirements related to purchasing only electricity from sustainable sources or investment in electrical vehicle fleets.

“It appears that the initiative is focused on encouraging industry leaders to make significant strides in their respective sectors to achieve a healthy economy through clean air, clean energy and low carbon emissions,” the town staff report states.

Arizona Thrives Alliance’s goal is to keep Arizona communities on track to meet or outperform air quality standards set under the Clean Air Act 2025 targets. Also, Arizona is on a path to achieve economy wide net zero carbon neutrality by 2050.

The focus areas of the alliance include how to power the economy, where residents live and work, and transportation goals.

Staff told the council that the goals of Arizona Thrives are consistent with the Town of Fountain Hills General Plan and the Strategic Plan.