Many motorists have been puzzled by the lack of construction activity along Fountain Hills Boulevard in spite of the gauntlet of barricades directing traffic.

According to town Public Works Director Justin Weldy, the delay is due to unanticipated issues with unknown utilities along the roadway. Weldy said it was decided not to grade as deep in some areas, particularly wash crossings. Instead, a curb will be installed to direct runoff.

Engineering for the curbing is the cause of the slowdown. Weldy said construction should resume shortly. Installation of the curb and gutter should greatly reduce the future cost of widening the travel lanes should the town decide to do that, Weldy said.

The current project is widening the shoulder paving to control runoff and provide for safe areas to get off the roadway for pedestrians and cyclists. The work schedule had construction into the fall, so it is not certain how the delay impacts the schedule.

The cost of the project is being recalculated, but the town will bear no additional cost, according to Weldy.

The project is funded through a federal grant through Maricopa County with the town paying one third. ADOT is managing the construction.