Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19, is the date for a special election in Fountain Hills.

This is an all-mail ballot, but voters can return the ballots they received in the mail to the Community Center between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Voters can bring in their ballot to vote there, or receive a replacement ballot if they’ve lost/destroyed theirs, tomorrow at the Community Center

There are three questions on this ballot for consideration of voters. Two deal with Town Council action on a proposed apartment development off Palisades Boulevard just north of Shea Boulevard.

One asks voters to uphold or deny a council decision to approve a PAD zoning for the proposed parcel.

A second question related to the development would amend the General Plan to allow multi-family residential on a site designated for lodging.

A third question on the ballot proposes to change Town Code to change the term of office for mayor from two years to four years.