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The International Dark Sky Discovery Center has announced it has received an endorsement from former astronaut and Arizona U.S. Senator, Mark Kelly.

“As an engineer and former astronaut, I am excited to support the International Dark Sky Discovery Center’s mission to provide STEM education programs that will help inspire the next generation in the pursuit of space sciences and exploration,” Kelly said.

“We are very appreciative and thrilled to have received (Kelly’s) support statement,” said Joe Bill, President, Board of Directors, International Dark Sky Discovery Center. “This adds to the support statement’s we’ve received from many leaders in Arizona and beyond.”

Bill also announced that after a pandemic year in which outreach has necessarily been limited, the IDSDC is ready to reach out to potential donors for the proposed facility in Fountain Hills.

“As more and more people are vaccinated, we are finally becoming less shackled by the restraints that were imposed by COVID for the past year,” Bill said. “Since the launch of our capital campaign earlier this year, we have been pleased with the gathering momentum in our efforts to make the connections needed to bring this project to life.”

The IDSDC has also released a new three-minute video on its website, darkskycenter.org/video2. The video was produced by DayLite Films of Fountain Hills.

Bill also noted that Go World Travel Magazine has featured both the International Dark Sky Community designation for Fountain Hills and the IDSDC plan.

Go World Travel Magazine is rated as the number one travel magazine in the world in 2021.

The article is available for review on the IDSDC website by clicking “overview” and “publicity.”

Fountain Hills received its International Dark Sky Community designation in 2017. The proposed IDSDC is a project of the Fountain Hills International Dark Sky Committee.