Steve Chucri

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri, a Republican who represents District 2, which includes Fountain Hills has announced he is resigning from the Board of Supervisors effective on Nov. 5.

In a statement released by Maricopa County, Chucri said, “the political landscape changed for the worst this year. The environment is wrought with toxicity - and all civility and decorum no longer seem to have a place,” Chucri said. “The fixation with the 2020 election results and aftermath have gotten out of control. In recent days it has come to light that I was secretly recorded in conversations regarding differences with some of my colleagues about an audit of the 2020 election. The comments I made were during a very turbulent time. My colleagues have every right to be both angry and disappointed with me. I should not have made such statements and offer my colleagues heartfelt apologies.

“I do not want to perpetuate the very problem I ran to eliminate several years ago. While I have had my differences with my colleagues, I have known them to be good, honorable and ethical men. The picture some individuals are trying to paint about a cover-up, scam and other nonsense about my colleagues and myself is simply false. There was no cover-up, the election was not stolen. Biden won.

“While my comments were critical, it doesn’t change the fact I have had the pleasure and honor to serve with these fine men and the dedicated employees of Maricopa County. It has also been my honor to represent my District 2 constituents for nine years. It is time for me to step aside and let the County and my colleagues meet the true potential of being the fourth largest and fastest growing county in America.”

The Board of Supervisors will select a Republican to act as interim replacement for Chucri until a special election can be held.