In an effort to address complaints about the parking of commercial vehicles on the street overnight the Town Council has approved an amendment to the Town Code to prohibit the practice.

Staff reported to the council that over the past several months Town Hall and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have responded to numerous complaints from residents regarding commercial vehicles parked on the streets overnight.

The complaints cited obstruction of access to the streets, causing traffic concerns for the residents in the neighborhoods. Additionally, noise and debris on the streets are being pointed out as nuisances due to the situation.

Greg Golucci, who operates from an office on Enterprise Drive, told the council the problem has gotten out of hand with parking on Colony Drive and various alleyways in the neighborhood. He said it seems some businesses operate from their trucks, often with trailers, without an office. He said they park on the street overnight and come back each morning to go to work.

At the direction of the town manager and town engineer staff has installed No Parking and No Overnight Parking signs in the areas impacted. As a result some local businesses and their customers have complained about the no parking, although the signs have somewhat mitigated the original problem, according to staff.

The code amendment will allow law enforcement more authority to enforce commercial parking violations town-wide.

The new language states that “No person shall park or store a commercial vehicle on any portion of a residential property when the vehicle is visible from a street or from an adjacent property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a commercial vehicle that is 22 feet or less in length may be parked or stored on residential property if it is completely enclosed within a six-foot high solid wall with view-obscuring gates.”

An additional paragraph states, “No person shall park or store a commercial vehicle on any street within a non-residential district where parking is prohibited as indicated by signage.”

The council vote to approve the amendment was unanimous.