town hall

The Town Council is holding its annual planning retreat on Tuesday, Feb. 23, beginning at 8:30 a.m. at Town Hall.

The council retreat is to review the town’s financial position and provide policy direction to staff on various issues.

This is a one-day planning session to provide the mayor and council the opportunity to review the current position of the town and provide direction.

The council will receive updates from department directors related to the following items:

*Financials and operating and capital improvement budgets.

*2020 Cares Act Funding

and recommended use of remaining fund balance.

*Strategy to address long-term pavement management program.

*Economic development initiatives.

*High speed internet options/alternatives.

*Fountain Park Lake and fountain improvement strategy.

*Proposed near-term and long-term Community Center improvements.

*Community and neighborhood issues – short-term rentals, noise ordinance, sober living homes, proposed detox facility, ordinance related to unfinished construction and homelessness.

*Public safety update, MCSO audit and consideration of cost-of-service evaluations for law enforcement and fire services.

Councilmembers will attend the session either in person or by telephone conference call. A quorum of the towns various commission, committee or board members may be present for this session.

Public comment will not be taken during council retreats however this session will be streamed on Channel 11 and also on the town’s website for the public’s viewing.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions no on-site accommodation for the public is planned.