Stop sign protection

At several wide intersections in Fountain Hills the town uses stop signs placed in the middle of the street to improve visibility. However, the signs are apparently still lacking some in visibility, particularly after dark, as many as a dozen times over the past year the signs have been clipped off when struck by a motorist. In one incident it was a Sheriff’s deputy that took down a sign. In an effort to improve the lifespan of the signs the town has installed protective bases around the sign. The bases are reflective after dark and are partially filled with sand to cushion the blow to both the vehicle and the sign.

The Town Council has approved a contract not to exceed $119,000 with Interwest Safety Supply for street and traffic signs and hardware.

The hallmark of the purchase is $79,823 to supply 40 LED lighted stop signs to be used around the community. Town Manager Grady Miller said he is excited that the town was able to move so quickly to get those signs per the request of the traffic safety committee.

The stop signs, which were displayed at a recent council meeting, are standard 36-inch stop signs, but ringed with white LED lighting which flashes continuously, providing greater visibility.

Public Works Director Justin Weldy said the signs would be delivered by the end of June and installed over 120 days after. The first signs will be installed on Avenue of the Fountains, according to Weldy.

The town is responsible for maintenance of 5,405 signs as well as street name signs. Staff replaces outdated or damaged signs as needed to ensure that state and federal guidelines are met. The contract allows for uninterrupted availability of signs and hardware.

The balance of this contract will include $30,000 for other street signs and $10,000 for Community Services for parks and trail signs.

The vote to approve the agreement was 7-0.