Community Center

The Town of Fountain Hills Community Services Department will offer limited programming at the Community Center starting June 1 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Registration for these programs will open for in-person and online beginning today, Wednesday, May 20.

The town will be following the CDC’s social distancing guidelines for these programs. Even though the Community Center will be open to the public, programs and activities will be curtailed over the next several weeks due to CDC guidelines limiting gatherings of more than ten people and ensuring that social distancing is maintained.

Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized by town staff prior to and after the completion of each class. A staggered schedule will be in place to ensure that each classroom is given adequate time to be safe before the next class. Hand sanitizing stations will be available to the public at key locations in our buildings. Register online at

Special interest, fitness and wellness programs will be available. Register online at Options are as follows:

*Welcome Wellness – Strategies That Work

*Favorite Flagstaff Area Hikes

*Tuesday or Thursday Paint Studio Club

*Sound Bath and Meditation

*Meditation Series 1 and 2

*Yoga Nidra Meditation

*Essentrics, Aging Backwards

*Welcome Wellness- Strategies That Work


*Organic Vegetable Gardening

*Babysitter Safety, CPR and First Aid

*Pet CPR and First Aid

Activity programs for which a current Activity Center Membership is required include:

*Pain Relief: Shoulders, Arms and Neck Presentation


*Ukulele Players

*Peer Led Exercise (Tuesday and Thursday)

*Peer Led Exercise (Tuesday only).

These activities will take place at the Fountain Hills Community Center (13001 N. La Montana Dr.)

For more information on special interest and fitness and wellness Programs, contact Bryan Bouk at 480-816-5132 or For more information on Senior Services Programs, contact Jennifer Lyons at 480-816-5186 or