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One of the more prominent of several new faces at Town Hall is that of Bo Larsen. As public information officer, Larsen will likely have his face before the public on regular occasions. It is, however, a job where he is experienced.

Larsen is a Midwesterner, having been born in St. Louis, but moving around the area frequently as his father was relocated as a manufacturing plant manager.

Larsen spent his high school years in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended the University of Montana at Missoula where he earned a degree in radio and television news. While in college he did some work with an NBC affiliate. Out of college he went to work for CNN as a producer for three years. Early in his career he was fortunate to work with professionals such as Christiane Amanpour and Dan Patrick.

Larsen eventually returned to Des Moines where he began working in advertising. Des Moines is something of a hub for periodical publishing and he recalls working for several “blue chip” clients with their campaigns.

Larsen and his wife came to Arizona initially in 1988 and he became a video production specialist with Samaritan Health producing medical videos. He was laid off from that job and began working with a partner on radio production of health-oriented programing that eventually reached about 100 markets.

He also did video production work with U-Haul, John C. Lincoln and was with Banner Health for eight years.

He briefly left Arizona to work in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. When he returned to Arizona, he went to work in his first government job with the City of Payson.

Larsen also worked as marketing director with Civitan, a non-profit working with children and adults with developmental disabilities.

“People have joked they think I hold the record for having the most jobs,” Larsen said. “The background and experience allow me to do well with any project I take on. It lets you think outside the problem.”

Larsen lives in the Moon Valley area of North Phoenix, but said he loves Fountain Hills, and his wife, Marci does too. He said they may look at relocating here.

“It is quiet here, not much traffic, and you can stop and chat with people you meet on the street,” Larsen said.

His wife is a pre-school teacher, and they have two daughters, Kristin, a special education teacher, and Haley, who is involved in theater.