Salt River Project is reporting it was a wayward bird that caused a power outage in the downtown area of Fountain Hills on Monday morning.

SRP spokeswoman Patricia Likens said a bird apparently flew into some equipment at the substation proving power to that area of Fountain Hills.

“The transformer did what it was supposed to do and shut off causing an outage to about 3,800 customers in Fountain Hills,” Likens said.

Power was re-routed through other available substations while troubleshooters tested the impacted substation to make sure it was safe to return to power.

“The good thing about our system is that it’s redundant, so we are able to restore power relatively quickly through other substations and power lines,” Likens said.

The outage triggered a couple of commercial fire alarms that Fountain Hills Fire Department responded to and found no fire emergencies resulting.

Fire crews also responded to a downtown address for a report of a person trapped in an elevator. Firefighters were able to rescue one adult and two dogs from the elevator, according to reports.

The power went down shortly before 9 a.m. with full restoration expected by 11 a.m.