Arpaio bus.jpg

In his bid for a seventh term as Maricopa County Sheriff, 2020 Republican candidate Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he is taking it to the streets to meet with voters.

The longtime lawman is launching a Mobile Campaign Service Office (MCSO) that will travel all around the greater Phoenix metro area, including its surrounding towns and cities.

Arpaio said he has been surprised to hear from many people who said they did not know he is a candidate.

“We need to get the word out that I am running,” Arpaio said. “That is why I am launching this candidate mobile unit.”

Arpaio, who announced his intention to run nine months ago, plans to also travel in his mobile campaign office to the US/Mexico border, where he served as a top law enforcement official on both sides for 36 years.

“I am on a crusade to return as Sheriff,” said Arpaio. “I will go to the people and not be deterred by the virus pandemic or any ungovernable demonstrators. I will not give up and will make Maricopa County great again!

“We are living in difficult times and I am well prepared to face the challenges ahead by utilizing my 55 years of national and international experience, which includes my 24 years as the longest serving Sheriff in Maricopa County history.”

Commenting on the recent demonstrations against law enforcement, Arpaio said he will stand firm.

“I have a proud record of not backing down,” he said. “Do you think what happened in Scottsdale and Phoenix would have happened on my watch?”

The mobile unit is a 33-foot customized motorhome fit with noteworthy images and scrawling messages in numerous colors affixed to the conveyance. While allowing Arpaio to get his message out, the mobile solution will also serve to reduce the number of visitors to his traditional Fountain Hills campaign office.

“We will go to the people on the streets everywhere in the county,” Arpaio said.

Arpaio said regardless of the barriers during this campaign season, including the defacement and theft of his campaign signs throughout the Valley, he is fighting hard to win this race.

“If they want to steal signs, they’ll have to steal this one,” Arpaio said, pointing to the motor home. “It is my honor and privilege to be sharing some of my advertising with the President of the United States.”

In the past eight months, Arpaio has raised over half a million dollars, surpassing all his opponents; he also obtained over 10,000 petition signatures, doubling the requirement to make the ballot.