The Times did a recap of the severe monsoon season in a recent issue. This story provides a general almanac of weather information from the year 2021. This is information provided by the Town of Fountain Hills from its Fountain Park weather station. The data may vary from what individuals record in other parts of town.

A more expanded view of rainfall has nearly 15 inches of precipitation falling in the community during the year (14.92). August was by far the wettest month with 5.25 inches of rain. The greatest amount in one day was 2.15 inches on August 11, with the week from Aug. 9 through Aug. 15 the week with the most rainfall with 4.21 inches.

There was no rainfall at all in February and November. There was a span of 21 weeks from Jan. 26 to June 22 when a total of just .3-inch of rain fell over six different dates.

The precipitation for the year also included some snow in Fountain Hills on Jan. 25. That date also provided the lowest high temperature for the year at 50 degrees. The lowest recorded temperature of the year was also in January, 35 degrees on both Jan. 1 and Jan. 8. December had a contender with 38 degrees on Dec. 27.

It should not be a surprise that June brought the hottest days of the year.

The week of June 13 to June 20 had seven of eight days in which the temperature was 110 or above including six consecutive days, June 15 -20. The hottest day of the year was of course within this span, June 17 it was 114 degrees.

The highest low temperature for the year was 90 degrees on July 8.