Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies in Fountain Hills responded to reports of separate trash can fires to the rear of businesses in the 16800 block of Parkview Avenue.

On Saturday, July 18, a business owner reported a small fire occurred in the early morning inside a plastic trash can. The owner said he believes the fire was intentionally set but had no idea who would have done it.

Deputies returned to the area on Sunday, July 19, with Fountain Hills Fire Department for a report of another trash can fire. Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze and there was no damage to adjoining structures in either incident.

*On Thursday, July 16, deputies arrested a suspect on property in the 15200 block of Escalante Drive for violation of an order of protection. The suspect admitted to fraudulently using the victim’s credit card and stealing packages that were delivered to the home intended for the victim. The suspect was booked into jail on numerous charges.

*On Thursday, July 16, deputies received a report of disorderly conduct from a female victim who stated she was walking her dog in the 16400 block of Avenue of the Fountains when a younger man continuously made unwanted and inappropriate sexual comments toward her. The man left the area prior to deputies arriving.

*On Thursday, July 16, a resident of the 13700 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. reported a stolen scooter that was taken overnight from a covered parking space in the complex. The victim did not know who would have stolen the scooter.

*On Saturday, July 18, deputies responded to a business in the 16400 block of Palisades Blvd. for a report of an alleged threat made by a customer who was upset that his prescription would not be filled. The business did not want to prosecute but wanted to file a police report for informational purposes. The suspect denied making the statement in the manner that was alleged.

*On Sunday, July 19, a resident of the 16200 block of Glenview Drive reported an unknown subject had been throwing firecrackers into the backyard of the victim.

*On Monday, July 20, a resident of the 15600 block of Palatial Drive reported the theft of pool supplies and damage caused as a result of the removed pool equipment. The victim reported that the total loss for theft and damage was approximately $8,000.

*On Monday, July 20, a resident of the 12000 block of Saguaro Blvd. reported a fraud in which the victim provided her bank account number to the suspect under the belief the suspect was with Amazon and providing her with a refund. The victim received a phone call from a person posing as a representative of Amazon who told her she would be receiving a refund of her Amazon Prime account fee. The victim provided the suspect with her bank account information and found out that her account had a deposit of $9,500. When she called back the number she was provided, she was told the deposit was an accident and that she could keep $500 and to wire the $9,000 to an account, which she refused. The victim then checked her bank account again and found a withdrawal of nearly $12,000.

*On Tuesday, July 21, a deputy on patrol observed a vehicle stopped in the turn lane at El Lago Blvd. and Crystal Hills Drive, which appeared to have been involved in an accident. The driver contacted the deputy and informed him she pulled out from the apartment complex and became distracted with her dog, which was inside her vehicle, and she inadvertently ran into the median and street sign, causing minor damage to her vehicle. There was no damage to the median or the sign.

*On Tuesday, July 21, a deputy on patrol observed a male subject in the roadway near Fountain Hills and Saguaro boulevards strike another male subject on a bicycle in the head. When the deputy contacted the two, the victim stated he was riding his bicycle in the lane of travel and the subject in the vehicle honked at him and told him to move into the bike lane. He stated the vehicle then stopped, the driver got out of his car and approached him and hit him, which is when the deputy stopped. The victim stated he did not want to prosecute, and the suspect refused to provide any statements as to what occurred.

*On Tuesday, July 21, a motorist was stopped for speeding at Palisades Blvd. and Sunflower Drive. The motorist was allegedly traveling 70 miles per hour where the speed limit is 45. The driver was issued a citation for criminal speed.

*On Wednesday, July 22, a resident of the 16900 block of Salida Drive reported a theft which involved an allegation that river rock was taken from one yard by workers and moved to another yard. The resident stated she hired two people to do some landscaping work and was not aware if they would have taken rock from another property, however she offered to replace the missing river rock.

*On Wednesday, July 22, a resident of the 16700 block of Greenbriar Drive reported an identity theft incident in which the victim received a letter from the Arizona Department of Economic Security informing him his direct deposit funds for unemployment benefits could not be deposited into the bank account he provided. The victim stated he never filed for unemployment benefits.

*On Wednesday, July 22, a resident of the 16500 block of Ashbrook Drive reported an identity theft in which the victim received three letters with debit cards for unemployment benefits from three different states. She claimed she never filed for unemployment benefits in any state.

*On Wednesday, July 22, a resident of the 16200 block of Glenbrook Blvd. reported an identity theft in which the victim reported a bank account was opened in her name, using all her personal information, and she did not open the account.