Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the 17100 block of Shea Blvd. on Friday, June 5, for a reported domestic altercation between a man and a woman in the area.

Deputies learned the man and woman did not reside in town, but were visiting the nearby casino. Numerous witnesses reported the altercation and provided information that the two involved had changed locations in a vehicle numerous times and then walked into a wash behind local businesses off of Shea.

Deputies reviewed surveillance footage from nearby businesses and utilized a K9 to help locate the individuals, which led deputies to a hotel in the area. Deputies located the male subject involved in the incident in a hotel room and questioned him about the altercation. It was learned by witnesses and surveillance footage that the female was the aggressor and deputies were unable to locate her. The victim did not wish to assist or aid in the prosecution.

*On Thursday, June 4, deputies took a report of a dog attacking another dog in the 16300 block of Segundo Drive. A woman was walking her dog when another dog ran from a garage of a residence and attacked. The owner of the attacking dog was contacted and he stated that his dog was kenneled, but when it saw the other dog it was able to get out of the kennel and attack. The dog that was attacked suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to a veterinarian clinic.

*On Thursday, June 4, a deputy stopped a motorist at Saguaro Blvd. and Avenue of the Fountains for failing to stop at the stop sign. The deputy discovered that the driver had never been issued a driver’s license out of any jurisdiction. The driver was issued a civil citation and the vehicle was towed on a 30-day impound pursuant to state law for the driver’s license violation.

*On Thursday, June 4, a resident of the 16800 block of Avenue of the Fountains reported a vehicle burglary in which an unknown suspect unlawfully entered the victim’s vehicle sometime overnight when it was parked in a common parking structure. The owner believes the vehicle may have been left unlocked and the suspect stole a wallet containing a credit card, which was then fraudulently used to charge over $800 in merchandise.

*On Friday, June 5, a resident of the 15500 block of Tacony Drive reported a stolen license plate off of a vehicle that occurred sometime over the past two months. The owner of the vehicle believed the license plate may have been stolen in the city of Mesa when the vehicle was parked there recently.

*On Friday, June 5, a resident of the 14400 block of Agave reported an identity theft when he attempted to refinance an automatic loan and found out that someone had used his social security number to open an account in his name.

*On Sunday, June 7, a resident of the 16300 block of Peppercorn reported an unknown individual placing food inside the victim’s mailbox similar to prior other incidents involving the mailbox.

*On Sunday, June 7, a motorist flagged down deputies at the District Substation to report they were involved in a hit and run incident at Shea and Fountain Hills boulevards. A female in the vehicle informed deputies she and her husband had been involved in a hit and run accident and after returning home, they determined they should go to the Sheriff’s Office and report the incident. The female appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving to the Sheriff’s Office. The husband admitted to being the driver in the hit and run incident and also admitted to consuming alcohol prior to driving. Deputies were able to locate the victim who stated he was stopped on Shea and Fountain Hills Blvd., waiting to turn left onto Fountain Hills Blvd. when the male driver rear ended his vehicle and then drove around him, running the red light and turned onto Fountain Hills Blvd. after flipping him off. A DUI investigation on both the male and female was conducted and both were charged with DUI and the male driver was issued a citation for the hit and run accident. No injuries were reported from the accident and both vehicles suffered minor damages.

*On Sunday, June 7, deputies responded to a two-vehicle, non-injury collision at Shea and Fountain Hills boulevards. The non-injury incident occurred when the two drivers proceeded to make a left turn side-by-side in each of the two provided turn lanes when one vehicle merged into the other turn lane and collided with the other vehicle.

*On Tuesday, June 9, a resident of the 14600 block of Yerba Buena Way reported a threat that involved an unknown male subject who walked by his home and began cursing at him and threatening to physically assault him. The victim did not know the person and reported to law enforcement so a report could be written.

*On Tuesday, June 9, deputies investigated a two-vehicle, non-injury collision at Palisades and Saguaro boulevards. The two vehicles collided while turning right onto Saguaro from Palisades. Both drivers had conflicting statements as to how the accident occurred and deputies were unable to determine which driver was responsible for the accident.

*On Tuesday, June 9, a deputies took a report of a hit and run collision in the 16000 block of Ocotillo Drive. An unoccupied parked vehicle was struck. The victim reported that he heard something outside of his home and saw a truck pulling a large black trailer driving away. Later, when he went outside, he noticed damage to his vehicle that was parked on the street which appeared to have been clipped by the trailer.

*On Tuesday, June 9, a resident of the 9700 block of Gorden Drive reported an incident she believed was an act of vandalism and trespassing by her HOA. The woman reported that the HOA removed a light fixture on her building owned by her and replaced it with another fixture without her permission.

*On Wednesday, June 10, a resident of the 14400 block of Ibsen Drive reported a residential burglary in which someone had entered his home and removed a flashlight from his laundry room. There were no signs of forced entry to the home.