A multi-agency fugitive task force assisted local Maricopa County Sheriff’s detectives in executing a search warrant at a home on Love Court Tuesday, Aug. 27.

Officers entered the home between 9:30 and 10 a.m. and took a male suspect into custody and executed the search warrant. The man was cooperative and was detained and questioned without incident.

As of Friday, detectives were still sorting through evidence to determine charges against the subject.

*On Thursday, Aug. 29, deputies responded with firefighters for a reported man down in the Mirage Heights subdivision off Grande Boulevard. It was determined the man was deceased and for an undetermined length of time. Cause of death was not immediately available.

*On Saturday, Aug. 24, a woman reported that an unknown suspect went into a local bank and was able to obtain a $1,500 cash advance on a credit card issued in the victim’s name. The victim is in possession of the card and does not know how the suspect obtained the information.

*On Thursday, Aug. 22, a woman reported she was transported to the hospital on Aug. 11 due to an injury and later realized a necklace she was sure she was wearing was missing at the time she was discharged from the hospital. She alleges that someone removed the necklace sometime between the injury and the time she was released from the hospital.

*Deputies received two reports of A-frame signs being removed or stolen from local businesses. One incident was reported on Aug. 26 with the sign missing from an area where it is stored on an unsecured patio. On Aug. 27, a business owner reported a sign missing from in front of the business in the 13000 block of Saguaro Blvd.

*On Saturday, Aug. 24, a resident of the 16800 block of Mirage Crossing Ct. reported the license plate on her vehicle was not her license plate. Deputies determined the plate was from a different make and model vehicle reported stolen in Flagstaff. The victim was uncertain when the switch might have occurred.

*On Friday, Aug. 23, a business in the 16800 block of Shea Blvd. reported a suspect left the store with merchandise valued at $575 he had not paid for. The store provided a license plate number for the vehicle the suspect left in and deputies located the vehicle, arrested the suspect on shoplifting charges and returned the merchandise.

*On Saturday, Aug. 24, a resident reported someone threw a rock at his vehicle as he was leaving his driveway, and he provided suspect information based on past issues with the individual. The suspect denied throwing anything at the vehicle and there were no witnesses. There was also no visible damage to the vehicle.

*On Saturday, Aug. 24, MCSO received a report from the Fountain Hills Unified School District of suspicious activity around the McDowell Mountain Elementary School on Fayette Drive. A Snapchat message raised concern regarding the safety of the school. Deputies investigated and found no viable threat to the school or students.

*On Thursday, Aug. 22, a motorist was cited for criminal speed on Saguaro Boulevard near Bond Drive. He was also driving with a suspended license. Deputies say he was traveling 66 miles per hour where the speed limit is 35.

*On Thursday, Aug. 22, deputies stopped a motorist at Fountain Hills Blvd. and Bainbridge Drive for failing to stop for a crossing guard entering the crosswalk. It was also found his driver license was revoked. He was cited for criminal offense and his vehicle was towed.

*On Sunday, Aug. 25, deputies investigated a single vehicle accident at Saguaro Blvd. and Malta Drive. The driver said they attempted to turn left and then does not remember what happened after that. The vehicle drove over the sidewalk and struck a cinder block wall and a tree.

*On Thursday, Aug. 22, a motorist failed to stop for the stop sign at Golden Eagle and Palisades boulevards and collided with a second vehicle in the intersection. Only minor injuries were sustained. The driver was cited for failing to stop.

*On Wednesday, Aug. 28, a resident of the 16400 block of Skyline Drive reported he responded to an online ad for a secret shopper and was sent an envelope via U.S. Mail. The envelope contained a check for $24,000 along with instructions to purchase items at numerous places listed in the material. The complainant believed this was a scam and he did not deposit the check into his bank and contacted MCSO.

MCOS reported 328 incidents between Aug. 22 and Aug. 27, with 23 incident reports written.