According to reports from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office it appears that people are becoming more alert and not falling for potential fraudulent scams.

MCSO reports two incidents last week that were reported to deputies. On Monday, July 29, a resident of Briarwood Drive reported receiving two suspicious phone calls from individuals with heavy accents. She believes they were attempting to obtain personal information. One of the people claimed to be an officer with the Fountain Hills Police Department and asked how much money the woman had in her account. The victim did not provide any information and contacted MCSO immediately.

On Wednesday, July 31, a resident of the 16400 block of Desert Sage Drive reported receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer and informing her that her father’s identity had been stolen. The caller asked for verification of personal information including a Social Security number. The victim contacted MCSO when they realized the person was likely not a police officer and attempting to obtain information for identity theft.

*On Thursday, July 25, deputies responded to the 15500 block of Bumblebee regarding an unwanted guest at the address. The guest had two outstanding warrants in their name and was taken into custody and booked into jail. On Sunday, July 28, deputies received a second call to the address when a neighbor reported a suspicious vehicle and persons at the residence. Deputies found it was the same individual they had previously trespassed and took them into custody for criminal trespassing.

*On Monday, July 29, deputies made contact with an individual in the 16700 block of Avenue of the Fountains and determined him to have an outstanding warrant. He was taken into custody.

*On Tuesday, July 30, deputies were called to the 16300 block of Fairlynn Drive for a domestic disturbance. They found a subject with an outstanding warrant for their arrest and took them into custody.

*On Friday, July 26, a resident of the 13800 block of Arrowweed Drive reported between $2,000 and $3,000 in miscellaneous currency had been stolen from his residence. There was no sign of forced entry into the home.

*On Monday, July 29, a resident of the 16600 block of Westby Drive reported that over the course of six months there have been several instances in which money had been stolen from her purse inside her residence. She recently discovered two unauthorized charges made from her bank account. The victim admitted to leaving her door unlocked since living there. She believes someone comes in while she is asleep.

*On Tuesday, July 30, deputies received a report from a resident of Avenue of the Fountains that two individuals came to her door claiming to be employees of the water company and they needed to check on water pressure in her home. The two were not wearing uniforms or carrying any identification. The resident later realized there was jewelry missing from her home.

*On Tuesday, July 30, a resident of the 16200 block of Glenview Drive reported that while he was gone from home between July 25 and July 29, someone had stolen a package delivered to his home with property valued at $80.

*On Sunday, July 28, a resident of the 17000 block of Calle Del Oro reported being contacted by Verizon about an account in their name which was fraudulently opened.

*On Saturday, July 27 deputies received a report from a resident of the 13000 block of Ryan Drive that someone attempted to break into his garage and caused damage to the door and a vehicle. Deputies reported the damage was not consistent with an attempted break-in due to the damage on the interior of the garage and to the rear of the vehicle.

*At 4 a.m. on Saturday, July 27, deputies were called to the area of Palisades and Golden Eagle boulevards for a reported suspicious vehicle in the roadway with individuals who appeared to be intoxicated around the outside of the vehicle. During the course of the investigation deputies determined that one of the individuals had an outstanding warrant for their arrest and they were booked into jail.

*On Tuesday, July 30, deputies were responding to a domestic disturbance on Fairlynn Drive and made contact with an individual they stopped in a vehicle. The subject admitted to recent use of marijuana and narcotic drugs and he was processed for DUI drugs and booked into jail for an outstanding arrest warrant and DUI charges.

*On Monday, July 26, deputies responded to a rear-end collision at Avenue of the Fountains and Verde River Drive. A motorist was unaware or forgot that new stop signs had been placed at the intersection and collided with the rear of a vehicle that had stopped.

*On Friday, July 26, deputies received a report that an individual who appeared to be intoxicated got into a vehicle in a parking lot at Saguaro Boulevard and Paul Nordin Parkway and struck a second vehicle as they backed the vehicle. There was a witness and deputies are attempting to identify the driver.

*On Thursday, July 25, a man reported his vehicle struck by another vehicle in the parking lot of a restaurant on Shea Boulevard. The suspect driver left the scene without leaving information. A witness reported seeing an individual leaving who appeared to be intoxicated before the collision.