Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence in the 16300 block of Arrow Drive on Friday, Oct. 25. A male subject confronted a male and female resident as they exited their apartment and began yelling at them.

They alleged that the suspect physically assaulted the male victim while holding a knife and verbally threatened to kill both victims. The female victim was able to record most of the incident and identify the suspect as a neighbor.

Deputies located the suspect and found the knife still in his possession. He was arrested and booked into jail on aggravated assault, burglary, trespassing, threatening, and assault. The investigation is ongoing.

*On Monday, Oct. 28, a resident of the 16500 block of Gunsight Drive reported that her unlocked vehicle had been burglarized at an unknown time while it was parked at her residence. The vehicle’s registration, insurance card and miscellaneous items were missing from the vehicle.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 29, a resident of the 14000 block of Mark Lane reported that his credit card number was used by an unknown suspect who made a purchase from Walmart in the amount of $1,000.

*On Wednesday, Oct. 30, a resident reported he was scammed out of money by a woman who has been in the news for other recent scam incidents.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 29, a resident reported they were scammed out of $2,000 by a person who called her and claimed to be with a computer security company. The victim allowed the suspect to remote access her computer and her bank account and they convinced the victim to buy gift cards and provide him with the gift card numbers. The victim realized the scam when her bank notified her of her account being below a certain balance.

*On Thursday, Oct. 24, a resident of the 13400 block of Manzanita Lane reported that someone had stolen her bank debit card and used it at a store in Mesa to make a purchase totaling $200.

*On Friday, Oct. 25, a resident reported receiving an alert on his computer indicating fraud. He called a phone number that popped up and spoke to a person who claimed to be a representative from Chase Bank and who informed him of potential fraud on his account. The suspect requested a payment of $1,700 to fix his computer and his account, to which the victim agreed. The victim later went to the Chase Bank to inquire about the transaction and they informed him it was a scam and were able to stop the payment.

*On Monday, Oct. 28, a resident reported she received an email from Netflix indicating her account could not be charged because her credit card information needed to be updated. She clicked on the link and provided her credit card information on the link and realized that this was likely a scam after submitting the information, which was confirmed when she contacted Netflix.

*On Friday, Oct. 25, a resident reported someone opened a bank account using her personal information. This was discovered when she received correspondence in the mail about a new account she opened, which she did not do.

*On Wednesday, Oct. 30, a resident of the 15000 block of Greene Valley Drive reported her pool cleaning vacuum had been stolen from her backyard by an unknown person.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 29, loss prevention personnel for a business in the 16800 block of Shea Boulevard contacted MCSO to report two separate shoplifting incidents involving the same male and female suspects. They are believed to have stolen $1,400 in electronic merchandise from the store on Oct. 26 and then nearly $400 in goods on Oct. 29. The employee recognized one of the suspects as a person who was previously told not to come back to the store by MCSO in September.

* On Wednesday, Oct. 30, a business in the 13700 block of Fountain Hills Boulevard contacted MCSO to report a series of shopliftings conducted by the same suspect over the past two months, which typically involved the theft of alcoholic beverages. Store employees were able to obtain a license plate number for the suspect vehicle and provided it to MCSO.

*On Saturday, Oct. 26, a resident of the 17100 block of Oro Grande Drive reported a Century Link phone box at her residence was damaged by an unknown person.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Town of Fountain Hills public works personnel reported a couple of criminal damage incidents to MCSO. One incident included four electrical receptacle boxes on Avenue of the Fountains had been broken off. The other incident involved damage to the protective railing across the scenic overlook on Shea Boulevard. It had been thrown down the mountainside.

*On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the owner of the carwash in the 16800 block of Parkview Avenue reported a person had used a carwash bay after hours to change the oil in their vehicle, leaving behind quite a bit of damage and cleanup. Surveillance from the carwash provided a license plate of the vehicle and MCSO was able to identify the responsible party. The owner of the carwash agreed to allow the person to work out the issue through civil means.

*On Sunday, Oct. 27, deputies responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle near Palisades and El Lago boulevards. The vehicle was left partially in the roadway with damage to the front end. The registered owner of the vehicle resided in Scottsdale and was contacted regarding the vehicle. They informed officers that the vehicle had been stolen recently.

*On Monday, Oct. 28, a motorist was stopped for traveling 53 miles per hour where the speed limit is 35. It was discovered the motorist was operating a vehicle while his driving privileges were suspended. He was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license.

*On Wednesday, Oct. 30, a motorist attempting to turn left from a stop sign at Palisades and El Lago boulevards was struck by a vehicle traveling straight. There were no injuries as a result of the accident and the motorist making the left turn was issued a citation.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 29, deputies responded to a collision at Saguaro and Shea boulevards. A motorist rear-ended a vehicle at the intersection, causing it to hit a vehicle stopped in front of it. The driver of the vehicle who caused the collision suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital. It was believed the driver may have been under the influence and blood was taken to determine impairment.