Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman on Thursday, Sept. 26, after she allegedly fled the scene of a hit and run accident at Palisades and Fountain Hills boulevards.

At about 8:30 a.m. a driver reported being struck from behind while stopped for the traffic light. She told deputies the other driver approached her and offered $1,000 for repairs and asked her not to call deputies. The driver refused and called the Sheriff’s Office. When the other driver fled she jotted down the license plate.

About an hour after the initial collision, deputies located the vehicle near the Bashas’ plaza and contacted the driver. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and driving with a suspended license from a previous DUI charge. She was booked into jail on DUI and hit and run charges.

*On Friday, Sept. 27, a resident of the 14400 block of Teakwood Lane reported two firearms stolen from a vehicle parked at the residence. The theft is believed to have taken place between 8 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 26, and 4 a.m. Friday. There were no signs of forced entry; the vehicle may have been unlocked.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a resident of the 17300 block of Oro Grande reported someone entered a storage shed on their property and stole numerous items. The shed was unsecured.

*On Sunday, Sept. 29, a resident reported that two checks mailed over the past couple of months never reached the intended recipient. The checks had been fraudulently cashed.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a resident of the 17000 block of Cascade reported her roommate stole two checks from her checkbook and filled them out to himself and cashed the checks while she was out of town. The two checks totaled more than $1,200.

*On Thursday, Sept. 26, a victim reported that he listed items for sale on a website and a potential buyer provided him a check for more than the amount of the purchase, with instructions for the seller to transfer the extra money back to him. Once the check was cashed, the buyer cancelled the purchase and told the seller to keep $200 for his trouble. The victim transferred all but $200 of the $1,850 total back to the buyer and then later learned that the check bounced. MCSO reports this is a fairly common and old scam.

* On Friday, Sept. 27, a resident reported an unknown person used his credit card to purchase approximately $300 in goods from His credit card company had contacted him asking if he made the purchases and he reported he had not. The victim did not know how his information was compromised.

*On Monday, Sept. 30, a local business reported paying a landscaper $4,000 to install artificial grass, but the work was not completed.

*On Monday, Sept. 30, a resident of the 16400 block of Ashbrook Drive reported a package meant for him had been erroneously delivered to the wrong address. The residents where the package was believed to be delivered were unaware of a package delivery to them for the victim. The package has not been located.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a woman reported that someone entered a hotel room where she was staying while she walked out to her vehicle, leaving the door open. Prescription medication was reported taken.

*On Friday, Sept. 27, a resident reported receiving a letter from a debt collection company stating he owed a balance on an old cable account he did not open. He later learned the account was fraudulently opened in his name. He was not aware of how his personal information was compromised.

*On Thursday, Sept. 25, a resident reported her vehicle was damaged while parked at her residence by what appeared to be a BB gun or pellet gun.

*On Sunday, Sept. 29, deputies received a report that a sign at the town dog park was damaged by paint.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a motorist was pulled over for travelling 51 miles per hour where the speed limit is 35 on Saguaro Boulevard. The driver was operating the vehicle with a suspended driver’s license and was cited for both speeding and the suspended license.

*On Sunday, Sept. 29, a driver reported she reached down to pick up a cup of coffee and struck a parked car and a residential mailbox in the 16700 block of Westby Drive. The driver was issued a citation for the accident.

* On Friday, Sept. 27, a motorist struck a stop sign located at Avenue of the Fountains and La Montana Drive and left the scene without stopping or notifying anyone of the accident.

*On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a resident reported a suspicious person near their home in the 10800 block of Pinto Drive. Deputies responded and found a female subject walking in the roadway who informed deputies she was involved in an accident, but had walked away from the scene. Deputies located the vehicle overturned in a small ravine. The driver stated she did not recall how the accident occurred and believed she was trapped in the vehicle for several hours until she was able to break the window and climb out, which is when deputies located her. The driver was issued a citation for the accident.