Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies took a report from a man who said he was threatened in Fountain Park on Thursday, June 27.

The male victim stated he walks through Fountain Park many mornings with a “Make a Change” sign and on this day an older male subject attempted to intimidate him by opening up a pocket knife and waving it back and forth.

The victim stated that he asked the subject if he threatened him by having the sign, to which the subject stated “yes.” The victim said that he apologized to the man and told him to have a good day and he then went to the MCSO station to report the incident.

Deputies searched the area for a subject matching the physical description provided by the victim; however the suspect could not be located.

*On Thursday, June 25, deputies responded to the 17200 block of El Pueblo Blvd. for a report of a single vehicle non-injury collision. The driver stated she reached down for a cell phone and pulled the steering wheel, causing her to crash into two mailboxes and trash cans at a residence. The driver was issued a citation for the incident.

*On Thursday, June 25, deputies responded to La Montana Drive and Avenue of the Fountains for a minor injury two-vehicle collision. A vehicle attempted to turn left into the Post Office, failing to yield to oncoming traffic. It was reported that the driver who caused the accident was yelling at the other driver prior to deputies’ arrival. One of the drivers suffered minor injuries. The driver who failed to yield was issued a citation for the accident.

*On Thursday, June 25, a business in the 16600 block of Palisades Blvd. reported a person attempting to use a fraudulent ID to purchase alcohol.

*On Thursday, June 25, a deputy stopped a motorist at Shea Blvd. and Highway 87 for expired registration and the driver provided the deputy with a false name and it was determined the driver had two outstanding arrest warrants and a suspended driver’s license. The passenger in the vehicle was also found to have an outstanding felony arrest warrant. Both subjects were booked into jail. The driver was charged with driving on a revoked license and providing false information to law enforcement in addition to his warrant charges. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days pursuant to state law.

*On Friday, June 26, a resident of the 16200 block of Glenview Drive reported an unknown person throwing a lit firework into the backyard of a residence at approximately 2 a.m. The homeowner did not see who did this, but was startled by the loud noise.

*On Friday, June 26, a resident of the 15000 block of Escalante Drive reported criminal damage. The victim reported finding an open pocket knife near his work truck when he left in the morning. He then noticed a fuel leak when getting gas and discovered someone had slashed the fuel line to the truck. The victim did not know who would have been responsible for the damage.

*On Friday, June 26, deputies responded to a report of a hit and run collision in the 17100 block of El Pueblo Blvd. A vehicle struck the mailbox and solar lights of a residence. A neighbor had observed a suspicious vehicle in his driveway prior to this call and had obtained the license plate. He believed at the time the vehicle may have struck something because the occupants got out of the vehicle and picked up a mirror to the car and then left. Deputies contacted the property owner who initially wanted to aid in the prosecution for the hit and run accident. Deputies were able to contact the registered owner of the vehicle and the driver admitted to the accident and leaving without contacting law enforcement or the homeowner. The homeowner ultimately decided to not press charges and to allow the driver to take care of the damages civilly. The driver of the vehicle was issued a civil citation for the accident.

*On Friday, June 26, deputies responded to a two-vehicle, non-injury accident at Fountain Hills Blvd. and Pinto Drive. A driver attempted to turn left onto Fountain Hills Blvd. from Pinto Drive but did not see an on-coming vehicle. Both vehicles sustained minor damage.

*On Monday, June 29, a resident of the 16200 block of Boulder Drive reported a theft. The victim reported that she is a caregiver for an elderly female and resides in the home. She stated another caregiver recently came into the home to allow her time off and when she returned she found numerous items stolen from her bedroom including electronics and clothing. She learned that the new caregiver had several people who came into the home with her, all of whom were unknown.

*On Monday, June 29, deputies took a report of criminal damage in the 16700 block of Avenue of the Fountains. It was reported that political signs for a local politician had been removed several times from his office building.

*On Tuesday, June 30, deputies took a report of criminal damage in which an unknown person caused damage to the window of the business in the 16700 block of Avenue of the Fountains. The damage appeared consistent with a BB gun hole through the window.

*On Tuesday, June 30, a resident of the 14600 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. reported an incident of identity theft. The victim learned someone had applied for social security benefits using her personal information, as well as a credit card with her information. In both cases, she was made aware of the use of her personal information when she received letters from each place indicating the request.

*On Tuesday, June 30, deputies received a report of an abandoned vehicle at a business in the 17200 block of Shea Blvd. It was determined it was a stolen vehicle that had been left in the parking lot for several weeks. The vehicle was stolen out of Phoenix and reported originally to Phoenix Police. The owner of the vehicle was notified and the vehicle was towed for safekeeping.

*On Wednesday, July 1, a resident of the 11000 block of Buffalo Drive reported identity theft. An unknown person used the victim’s personal information to obtain unemployment benefits from the state of Colorado.

*On Wednesday, July 1, a resident of the 16800 block of El Lago Blvd. reported an identity theft in which a business out of state used her Social Security number to apply for a grant.