Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies took a report on Thursday, June 11, regarding a burglary in the 16800 block of Monterey Drive.

The residents believe the burglary occurred sometime between Monday, June 8, and Thursday, June 11. The victim was out of state and was alerted by her banking institution of possible fraudulent charges on her account. The victim called a neighbor to check on her residence and the neighbor found a side garage door unlocked and the house in disarray as though someone had gone through cabinets and drawers. There were no signs of forced entry to the home.

It was determined numerous valuable items had been stolen and MCSO’s crime lab responded and took photographs and processed evidence.

Deputies responded back to the home two days later when the owner reported that after a family member secured the residence following the initial burglary report, the house was burglarized again and a firearm and a motorcycle were stolen. The case remains open.

*On Thursday, June 11, deputies stopped a motorist on Shea Blvd. at Technology Drive for speeding. Deputies report the driver was traveling 64 miles per hour where the speed limit is 50. The driver had an outstanding arrest warrant and was believed to be under the influence of alcohol while driving. The driver also had a juvenile in the vehicle. A DUI investigation determined that the driver was driving while impaired and her license was suspended for a previous DUI conviction. The driver was arrested for Aggravated DUI due to having a minor in the vehicle, as well as driving while intoxicated while her license was suspended for a DUI. The driver was also booked into jail on the arrest warrant and the vehicle was towed on a 30 day impound pursuant to state law. The juvenile passenger was turned over to a family member.

*On Friday, June 12, deputies responded to the 11800 block of Saguaro Blvd. for a report of a disorderly male subject who was alleged to have tossed a brick holding a rope at a parked vehicle, causing minor damage. The victim did not want to aid in the prosecution, but wanted the subject trespassed from the business.

Deputies were able to locate the subject who denied throwing the brick, but stated he was frustrated over a rope that was put in place blocking a sidewalk and the fact that he nearly tripped over the rope because he could not see it. No charges were filed due the victim’s unwillingness to aid, however the subject was formally trespassed from the business.

*On Saturday, June 13, a resident of the 16300 block of Terrace Drive reported a fraud in which the victim subscribed to an anti-virus program for his computer approximately three years ago for $300. He recently decided he no longer wanted the service and called the listed phone number for customer support in which he was provided with a form to fill out to request the subscription refund. The victim inadvertently indicated on the form he was requesting a refund of $3,300, rather than $300 and called back to the customer service number. He reached an associate who informed him he now needed to purchase $3,000 in Target gift cards and provide the card numbers to him in order for the company to be reimbursed. The victim never checked his bank account to see if his account had ever been credited with the $3,300, but still purchased the gift cards and provided the information to the company. He later learned this was a scam and he was out his money and the funds on the gift cards had been used.

*On Sunday, June 14, deputies responded to a report of a three-vehicle hit and run collision on private property in the 33700 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. Overnight, an unknown suspect in an unknown vehicle struck two unattended cars in the parking lot of the apartment complex and left without notifying law enforcement or leaving their contact information on the vehicles, as required by law. Both vehicles on scene sustained moderate damage. It is believed the suspect vehicle sustained moderate-severe damage and may be a red or maroon colored vehicle.

*On Sunday, June 14, a resident of the 17500 block of San Marcus Drive reported graffiti/vandalism to a residential mailbox in the area, believed to have happened the day prior.

*On Monday, June 15, deputies took a theft report from a woman who reported she made a purchase at a store in the 17100 block of Shea Blvd. and inadvertently left her cell phone on the counter and left. She returned a short time later and discovered someone took her phone. Deputies were able to review surveillance footage from the incident and observed a male subject take the phone after his purchase.

*On Monday, June 15, a resident of the 11000 block of Inca Avenue reported identity theft from a man who said he received a letter from the Department of Economic Security stating he recently applied for unemployment benefits and the letter contained a debit card pre-loaded with funds for unemployment. The victim stated he did not file for unemployment and was currently employed.

*On Tuesday, June 16, deputies responded to a reported assault at Shea and Saguaro boulevards after two motorists engaged in a road rage-type incident. The victim reported he was followed for no reason to the parking lot and the other driver approached him and pushed him in the chest after yelling at him. The other party involved claimed the victim was driving erratically, tailgating him and other vehicles and he confronted him in the parking lot to report him to law enforcement. He claimed he never shoved the victim. An employee who witnessed the verbal altercation stated she never saw anyone shove anyone.

*On Tuesday, June 16, a resident of the 16400 block of Silver Hawk Drive reported she was checking her bank account information online and discovered an additional account she did not open linked to her name. The bank advised the victim that this account was opened by someone online using her personal information, including her social security number. The victim was not aware of how her personal information was compromised.

*On Tuesday, June 16, a resident of the 15400 block of Jojoba Lane reported identity theft after she was contacted by her bank manager asking if she had filed an unemployment claim, as they had received correspondence that her claim was pending. The victim had not filed an unemployment claim and made a report with law enforcement.

*On Tuesday, June 16, a victim reported a theft stating that while he was in a store in the 16800 block of Shea Blvd. he left his wallet in the bathroom and it was stolen.

*On Wednesday, June 17, a resident of the 16700 block of Westby Drive reported criminal damage in which they alleged an unknown person entered his property and plugged two irrigation drip systems, causing two plants on his property to die.