Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies in Fountain Hills discovered a stolen vehicle registration tag while investigating a domestic dispute in the 12900 block of Saguaro Blvd. on Monday, March 23.

During the investigation it was determined that the vehicle involved was displaying a registration tag to a different vehicle than the one it was on. The tag indicated it belonged to a vehicle owned by a resident who lived in the 9700 N. Block of Monterey. When deputies contacted the vehicle owner, he was unaware his registration tag had been stolen off of his vehicle and last saw it about two weeks prior.

Both individuals involved in the domestic dispute had outstanding arrest warrants in the City of Scottsdale and they were arrested and booked on the warrants.

*On Saturday, March 21, while deputies were at the Safeway taking a report of a shoplifting, store employees notified deputies of a theft that occurred the night prior. A person known to employees as a habitual shoplifter came in and stole numerous rolls of toilet paper from the public restrooms by placing them in a clear trash bag. Employees were able to provide a name of the suspect and called to report the next day when the suspect came back to the store. Deputies arrested the suspect and found that he was in possession of heroin and had three outstanding arrest warrants. The subject was booked for the theft, possession of heroin, and on the warrants.

*On Thursday, March 19, a caller reported that a man was kicking his dog at the dog park at Tioga and Desert Vista. The caller said the suspect got “into his face” when he told him to stop. As the victim was on the phone with MCSO, the suspect allegedly shoved the victim and proceeded to throw rocks at him and fled the area on foot. The description provided to deputies of the suspect led them to believe it was a known resident in the area who had engaged in similar behavior in the past. The victim confirmed through a photo lineup that the suspect was the person deputies believed it to be. Deputies contacted the suspect and arrested him for disorderly conduct.

*On Friday, March 20, a resident of the 13600 block of Hamilton Dr. reported someone unlawfully entered her parked vehicle overnight and went through her wallet, removing $400 cash. The victim believed the vehicle was locked, however she found it unlocked in the morning and there were no signs of forced entry into the vehicle.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 16200 block of Chiquita Dr. reported someone unlawfully entered his unlocked vehicle sometime during the night while it was parked at his residence and stole miscellaneous paperwork and sunglasses.

*On Wednesday, March 25, a resident of the 12800 block of Mimosa Dr. reported someone unlawfully entered his vehicle within the past day while it was parked at his residence and stole the vehicle’s registration and a garage door opener to his home.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 15900 block of Echo Hill Drive reported someone unlawfully entered his garage and stole a pair of binoculars, a bicycle and a helmet. His vehicle that was parked inside his garage was also rummaged through. The victim reported that he had recently experienced mechanical issues with his garage door and that he had a company out trying to repair it the day prior. A neighbor captured some footage on his Ring Doorbell of what appears to be a flashlight moving around in his garage, but no clear description of a person can be seen. The Ring footage also shows what appear to be vehicle headlights leaving the area at about 2:50 a.m., but no distinct vehicle description can be seen. The victim’s wife also located the stolen helmet and a glove in the nearby wash when she was walking. The items were turned over to MCSO for processing.

*On Wednesday, March 25, a resident of the 16600 block of Palisades Blvd. reported credit card fraud, saying more than $3,000 in fraudulent or unauthorized charges were made to his card over the past several months.

* On Thursday, March 19, the Target store loss prevention staff reported to MCSO that on March 14 at 11:37 a.m. they observed a female subject take approximately $300 worth of electronic merchandise into the bathroom and then exit the store with the merchandise concealed on her body.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 14400 block of Ibsen Dr. reported two handguns stolen from his residence sometime during the past couple of months. The victim believes the person responsible was someone he allowed to clean his home while he was hospitalized.

*On Thursday, March 19, a resident of the 17300 block of Baca reported that the license plate to his truck was missing, but he believes it may have fallen off of the truck.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 12800 block of Mimosa Dr. reported an unknown suspect stole her bicycle from a bike rack on her vehicle while the car was parked in the driveway of the residence. The victim stated the bike was locked in the bike rack and believed the suspect used a master key to steal the bike.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 12600 block of Mimosa Dr. reported that someone unlawfully entered his unlocked vehicle while it was parked outside his residence overnight and stole two pairs of shoes.

*On Tuesday, March 24, a resident of the 15900 block of Sycamore Dr. reported a case of identity theft in which her name and information was used to open a Time Warner account in Texas. She learned of this when she received a collections call informing her of the past due account.

*On Sunday, March 22, a caller reported two trucks driving on the grass at the Four Peaks Park. When deputies arrived the trucks were gone, however a truck matching the description was contacted and the driver denied any involvement. Damage to the grass field was noted and Town Park staff was notified.

*On Sunday, March 22, a resident of the 16900 block of Alamosa Ave. reported finding two counterfeit $100 bills on the street while driving. He believes someone is making the counterfeit bills and intentionally leaving them in various locations around town.

*On Thursday, March 19, deputies stopped a motorist at Saguaro Blvd. and Monterey Dr. for a mandatory insurance suspension of the vehicle’s registration. The driver was issued a citation and the license plate was impounded.

*On Friday, March 20, deputies responded to a collision in the 171000 block of Shea Blvd. where a motorist attempted to pull out from a private drive and cross Shea Blvd. when it was struck by a vehicle already traveling westbound on Shea. The driver who pulled out from the private drive was issued a civil traffic citation. The driver reported minor injuries, but refused medical treatment.

*On Monday, March 23, a caller reported his RV parked at a storage lot in the 16700 block of Laser Dr. had received approximately $2,000 in damage to the rear of the RV. The storage lot had surveillance cameras which showed another RV backing into the RV on a previous date. Deputies were able to contact the owner of the RV that backed into the other RV and issued the driver a citation for not reporting the accident and leaving the scene without providing their information.

*On Tuesday, March 24, a motorist pulled from a private drive near Shea Blvd. and Technology Dr. in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing a collision. Neither driver reported any injuries, but one vehicle sustained extensive damage. The driver who failed to yield from the private drive was issued a civil citation.

*On Wednesday, March 25, deputies responded to a collision at Eagle Mountain Parkway and Shea Blvd. A motorist attempted to back up to move into another lane struck another vehicle that was behind him. The driver who backed into the other vehicle was issued a civil citation.