Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies in Fountain Hills responded to a report related to the recovery of a stolen motorcycle on Thursday, Nov. 5.

Deputies went to Palisades and Fountain Hills boulevards, where the victim of the theft reported he had found the motorcycle reported stolen the previous day.

The vehicle was found in a nearby parking lot with minor damage. The owner took possession.

*On Thursday, Nov. 5, a resident of the 14400 block of San Carlos Drive reported an attempted fraud. The victim stated she received a text message from an unknown number stating her account was debited for a Geek Squad subscription. The victim called a phone number provided and spoke to a person claiming to be a representative for the company and informed the victim they attempted to debit $299 from her account, but had mistakenly debited $2,999. The representative informed the victim to go to Best Buy and purchase several gift cards so that he could load the overage onto the gift cards. The victim grew skeptical of the situation and went to her bank to inquire if her account had been debited. The victim found that no debit had occurred, and she ceased any further contact with the potential scammer.

*On Friday, Nov. 6, a resident of the 15900 block of Eagle Rock Drive reported an identity theft in which the victim discovered an unknown suspect used her personal information to file for unemployment benefits.

*On Saturday, Nov. 7, a resident of the 11600 block of Sparrow Drive reported a theft in which the victim stated a firearm was stolen from his residence sometime over the past two years.

*On Saturday, Nov. 7, deputies responded to the 14600 block of Love Court for a report of alleged animal cruelty regarding a dog. Deputies forwarded the investigation to Animal Crimes Detectives after assessing the situation.

*On Monday, Nov. 9, a resident of the 15100 block of Westridge Drive reported a theft in which the victim stated someone stole nearly $2,500 in cash from his residence.

*On Monday, Nov. 9, deputies responded to the 14000 block of El Pueblo Blvd. for a reported disorderly conduct situation. A business fired an employee and that person was refusing to leave. The party who was being disruptive agreed to leave and was provided a ride to a nearby location and trespassed from the business.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 10, deputies responded to Brittlebush Lane and Cactus Drive for a reported two-vehicle, non-injury crash in which two vehicles collided when they rounded a curve. Both drivers alleged the other driver drove into their lane of traffic, which caused the collision. There were no witnesses to the accident and only contradicting accounts about what occurred. Both vehicles had minor damage.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 10, deputies responded to Shea and Saguaro boulevards for a report of an aggressive driver who allegedly pointed a firearm at a courier driver. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle and the victim stated she believed a male driver of the aggressive vehicle pointed something at her that she believed was a firearm.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 10, a resident of the 15600 block of Golden Eagle Blvd. reported an identity theft in which the victim received a bank debit card loaded with unemployment benefits which she did not apply for.

*On Tuesday, Nov. 10, deputies responded to the 13700 block of Fountain Hills Blvd. for a reported shoplifting in which a female subject stole alcohol from the store and left in a vehicle. The store employee was able to obtain a license plate and an investigation is ongoing.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 11, a resident of the 13000 block of Mountainside Drive reported an identity theft in which the victim found out an unknown suspect obtained a small business loan in her name. The victim was made aware of this by receiving a letter in the mail stating a payment on her loan was due.

*On Wednesday, Nov. 11, a resident of the 17000 block of De Anza Drive reported an identity theft in which the victim found out through a credit monitoring agency that an unknown suspect attempted to open three accounts in his name without his permission or knowledge.