The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is once again urging residents to be diligent in checking information before paying someone identifying themselves as a police officer for a fine or fee, no matter how convincing they might be. Such a call is almost certainly a scam.

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, deputies received a call from a resident of the 12800 block of Mountainside Drive. A woman reported she had received a call from someone claiming to be with MCSO and saying they had a warrant for her arrest.

The caller told the victim that she needed to obtain $2,500 in Green Dot cash cards and provide the card numbers over the telephone in order to cancel the arrest warrant. The woman told deputies that a store employee warned her that it was likely a scam, but she purchased the cards and forwarded a photo of the card numbers.

MCSO Capt. Larry Kratzer said the Sheriff’s Office would never ask someone to make a payment using cash cards, and the same is true of other agencies such as the IRS or courts. He also said that fines and fees are almost always handled through the courts, not law enforcement.

*On Wednesday, Sept. 4, deputies arrested a man in the 16700 block of Avenue of the Fountains when it was discovered there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

*On Wednesday, Sept. 4, a resident of the 14100 block of Bramble Berry reported receiving an alert from his home security system and observed via video a male subject in his early 20s inside his home. The victim said the man was gone by the time he got home and there was nothing missing.

*On Tuesday, Sept. 3, a man with a moving company working in the 13800 block of Kendall Drive reported a drill missing after he set it down and left the area for about five minutes. He said there were other contractors present at the home at the time and a couple left when he announced he was going to report the missing drill to MCSO.

*On Friday, Aug. 30, a resident of the 16600 block of Westby Drive reported an unknown person had used their credit card and personal information to order several items off Amazon and eBay. The items were shipped to an Arizona address and detectives were following the lead.

*On Friday, Aug. 30, a resident of the 17200 block of Baca Drive reported that an unknown person had used his credit card information to make purchases over two days running an Uber Eats account of approximately $150.

*On Monday, Sept. 2, a female suspect was arrested outside a retail store in the 16800 block of Shea Boulevard. She had left the store with merchandise placed in a shopping cart and grocery bags that was valued at $400. She was stopped by a store employee and offered no resistance. She was cited for shoplifting and released.

*On Thursday, Aug. 29, a resident of the 9700 block of Monterey Drive reported someone ripped the screen from a security screen door at his residence. He believes it to be an attempted burglary.

*On Sunday, Sept. 1, a resident of the 16600 block of Westby Drive reported someone broke the windshield of his vehicle while it was parked between Aug. 30 and Sept. 1.

*On Monday, Sept. 2, deputies received a report that someone had damaged a vehicle parked in the 17000 block of De Anza Drive. It was scratched and spray painted.

*On Thursday, Aug. 29, deputies arrested a woman after she was pulled over for speeding on Saguaro Boulevard. Deputies discovered the woman was driving with her license suspended and did not have an ignition interlock device as required by a court. She was issued a criminal citation and her vehicle was towed.

*On Thursday, Aug. 29, deputies issued a motorist a criminal citation for speeding, traveling 71 miles per hour where the limit is 35 on Saguaro Boulevard near Bond Drive.

*On Sunday, Sept. 1, deputies investigated a collision where a motorist attempted to change lanes and struck a vehicle traveling in the lane they were moving to.

Between Aug. 25 and Sept. 5, deputies responded to 345 incidents with 43 reports written.