Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a woman for her alleged involvement in a fight in the 14400 block of Teakwood Lane on Saturday, May 16.

Deputies responded to the report of a fight involving one party who was reported as using a baseball bat as a weapon. Deputies reported that the suspect and the victim engaged in an argument, leading the female suspect to allegedly strike the male subject with her fist and then brandish a baseball bat as a weapon. The suspect then reportedly damaged the victim’s vehicle with the baseball bat. The woman was arrested and booked into jail on aggravated assault charges.

A short time later deputies stopped a motorist matching a description of a person involved in the fight at a nearby location that had left the scene. Upon investigating the incident, deputies determined the 18-year-old driver was impaired by alcohol and was operating a motor vehicle. Deputies attempted to conduct a DUI investigation on the driver, who resisted arrest. The subject was booked into jail for DUI, minor consumption of alcohol and resisting arrest.

*On Thursday, May 14, a resident of the 16000 block of Seminole Lane reported that an ex-girlfriend unlawfully entered his vehicle and removed property from inside. There were no signs of forced entry and the victim was certain the vehicle was locked, however he believed the suspect had a copy of his key made without his knowledge.

*On Thursday, May 14, deputies responded to Palisades Blvd. and La Montana Drive where two vehicles collided in the intersection after both drivers believed they had stopped first at the four-way stop and had the right-of-way. There were no injuries reported and both vehicles suffered minor damages.

*On Thursday, May 14, deputies investigated a single vehicle accident in the 11400 block of Saguaro Blvd. where a motorist drove over the median, causing damage to the vehicle. The driver was not injured and believed the accident was caused by the driver becoming distracted.

*On Thursday, May 14, deputies responded to a report of a dispute between a homeowner and a landscaper in the 16200 block of Trevino Drive in which the landscaper alleged that the homeowner assaulted him. Both parties’ stories about the incident were different and the victim declined to aid in the prosecution.

*On Friday, May 15, a property management representative reported that a homeless subject had been staying on the property in the area of Fountain Hills and Palisades boulevards. They alleged the suspect was throwing rocks at people and vehicles as they passed. Deputies contacted the subject and trespassed her from the property at the request of the property management representative.

*On Friday, May 15, a motorist was stopped for speeding on McDowell Mountain Road while allegedly traveling 87 miles per hour where the speed limit is 45. Deputies determined the driver was impaired by alcohol and a DUI investigation resulted in the driver being charged for extreme DUI.

*On Saturday, May 16, a motorist was stopped for a red light at Palisades Blvd. and Sunridge Drive when his vehicle was struck from behind by a gray-colored Acura driven by a 25-30-year-old male subject. The Acura was reported to have then pulled around the vehicle and fled southbound on Palisades with the victim trying to catch up to him. The victim was not able to obtain a license plate and lost sight of the vehicle that struck his vehicle. He was not injured in the accident and his vehicle sustained minor damage to the rear bumper.

*On Saturday, May 16, a motorist went over a median at Shea and Fountain Hills boulevards, striking the traffic signal and causing it to fall down. Debris from the accident struck another vehicle which was stopped at the signal. There was one minor injury reported in the accident and speed was believed to be a factor in the collision. The driver was issued a civil citation for the collision.

*On Sunday, May 17, deputies responded to a business in the 16900 block of Shea Blvd. for a reported argument between two employees. The investigation determined one of the subject’s actions disturbed the peace of others who were willing to aid in the prosecution and she was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

*On Monday, May 18, an individual servicing a Red Box DVD rental machine in the 17100 block of Shea Blvd. reported that the touchscreen of the kiosk had been intentionally broken by an unknown person. The screen appeared to have been punched or hit with a hard object, causing the touchscreen to break.

*On Monday, May 18, a resident of the 15000 block of Windyhill Road reported that he has a subscription to LifeLock and he received a notification that someone attempted to open a credit card account in his name using his personal information, including his Social Security Number. The caller reported that due to LifeLock, the account was not able to be opened and he never experienced a financial loss.

*On Monday, May 18, a victim reported that he believed his email account had been hacked, which led to his business partner not receiving his emails. The victim sought the help of tech support and later received an email from a person he believed was his business partner, requesting that he send business-related payments totaling over $100,000 to a new account he set up. When the victim later spoke to his business partner over the phone after the payments were made, he learned his business partner had not emailed him about a new account to request payments be made to the new account. He said he had not emailed him and the payments were never received by him.

*On Wednesday, May 20, a store employee in the 16800 block of Shea Blvd. reported that a female subject had been observed shoplifting and when she was confronted by store personnel, she put back the merchandise. The store did not desire prosecution, however requested that the female be formally trespassed from the business.

*On Wednesday, May 20, deputies responded to Palisades and Fountain Hills boulevards where a caller reported a possible intoxicated or aggressive driver and was able to obtain a license plate of the vehicle. Deputies were able to make contact with the driver at the address where the vehicle was registered. The driver apologized for her driving and informed deputies she was not impaired or driving aggressive, but had recently had a leg injury that made it difficult to drive.