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There was great excitement in the air as the attendees dispersed after the recent Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting.

The meeting was well attended by both Fountain Hills Republicans and Independents, along with some neighbors from Scottsdale, who had come to hear from candidates preparing for the elections next year. One of those candidates is Jim Lamon.

Lamon is a new face in politics. According to a club press release, what he said was refreshing as a patriot and businessman. Lamon plans to take over the space in the U.S. Senate currently held by Mark Kelly.

Lamon said he is taking this action partly because of the votes Kelly has cast in Washington, along with issues of the Biden Administration, like the border crisis, immigration, out of control spending, crime and racial tension.

The press release said Lamon’s character of drive and determination was molded early, growing up as a poor farm boy from Alabama. That character building continued under the tutelage of Coach Bear Bryant when Lamon played linebacker for the renowned Alabama football team.

Lamon also was a member of a ROTC program. He graduated close to the top of his class and then gave back by serving six years in the U.S. Army. Three of those years were in Europe during the Cold War.

Lamon began a solar energy business in Arizona eight years ago. He and his employees have built one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in America.

According to the press release, Lamon is going to Washington not for a paycheck or a pension. He said he would accept neither. Each year 10 percent of his company’s profits are donated to the neediest with 30 percent going to help former servicemembers.

The press release stated the figure this year of giving will be roughly $3 million for a total of $10 million in the eight-year history of the company.

Lamon told the audience he has had a taste of the American Dream, and he believes with the same hard work and focus, others can reach it, too.

Lamon told club members he had visited the border two days before the Republican Club meeting. He said viewing the problems first-hand, with the wall working where it is in place, but the other 100 miles to be built allows immigrants to pass through.

Lamon also discussed the “freewheeling spending” in Washington, D.C. Using slides, he illustrated the situation.

He also expressed his passion for school choice, according to the press release.

“ZIP codes should not matter if schools in large metropolitan areas are not providing quality schools and teachers,” the release continued. “Parents should have the choice to move their children to a school where they will have a better chance to succeed. The resistance to this position affects minority students adversely more than any other group.”

The press release stated school choice is not popular with the National Education Association’s union of teachers.

“However, quality competition has been the American way and benefits society as a whole,” the release continued.

Attendees at the meeting said they felt Lamon had laid out a strong case for his candidacy. One member said it was felt Lamon’s appeal will not only be with Republican voters but with Independents and some Democrats as well.