Those looking to invest in precious metals have a new place to turn with MinDak Gold & Silver opening in downtown Fountain Hills.

Owner Jack Seaman opened shop in late August, bringing a service to the community he felt was lacking.

“We are a precious metals dealer, so we buy and sell all types of gold, silver, bullion, rare coins, diamonds, gold jewelry; anything that has to do with precious metals,” Seaman said. “People can come in and sell a gold bar or a pile of old jewelry that’s been sitting around forever or, vice versa, if people want to come in and invest in gold and silver, they can do that, too.

“…I think people will be surprised to learn they can walk in with cash and walk out with gold and silver in-hand. They don’t have to wait, they don’t get a piece of paper, they get a piece of precious metal in the palm of their hand.”

Seaman said he believes that’s the big draw of his business, that people want an alternative currency in their physical possession.

MinDak does most appraisals free of charge, as most of the business’ customers deal with small quantities of items.

“If someone comes in with four boxes full of stuff that will take hours to work through, that’s the only time I would have to charge for an appraisal,” Seaman added.

MinDak also handles estate and collection buying.

“Maybe grandpa has passed away, he’s got those boxes of coins and the family wants to liquidate the estate, we do that as well,” Seaman said.

Seaman has been in the gold and silver business for about a decade, beginning his career in 2012 in Fargo, N.D. He began his business as a simple kiosk at a mall, moving into his first storefront the following year. The business moved a couple of times as it continued to grow, and the Fargo location still operates to this day.

Seaman said he and his wife had visited Fountain Hills a couple of times recently and, looking to get out of the cold, they decided to make the move. Seaman said things are going very well so far at the Fountain Hills branch.

“I think a lot of people are questioning the value of the dollar right now,” Seaman said. “…People are worried the value of their dollar is going to be less. Gold and silver are a great way to hedge your investments or insure your wealth.”

Seaman said there aren’t a lot of businesses that do what he does, especially in the area. He said he hopes his business is a draw for Fountain Hills, bringing local visitors as well as those from nearby communities. He’s already had a customer from Payson, in fact.

Seaman said the best part of his job is that he learns something new every day.

“There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t get asked a new question, or somebody brings in an item I’ve never seen before, or something occurs where I get to learn something new,” he said. “You just never know what’s going to walk through that door.”

Speaking of “that door,” MinDak Gold & Silver is located at 16742 E. Parkview Ave. #2. The business can be reached at 480-923-8430, or Seaman can be contacted via email at jack@mindakgold.com. More information can be found online at mindakgold.com.

“I think virtually everyone should give me a call,” Seaman said. “They either have something of value and need to know what it’s worth or, on the flip side of that, people are concerned about the economy, the dollar and how they should diversify their investments. I can help with all of that.”

Seaman said he’s always happy to consult people and talk to them about investing in precious metals.

“We bring our ‘Midwest nice’ way of doing business with us,” Seaman said. “The business was founded on The Golden Rule. I just want people to feel comfortable either buying or selling these items and make sure they understand the transaction completely.”

Seaman said the Fargo location has received only five-star reviews over the past decade, and that’s the same service he provides at the new Fountain Hills location.