With New Year’s resolutions in full swing now that 2021 is finally underway, those seeking to get into a healthier lifestyle might want to check out the new business in town, Fountain Hills Medical Spa.

Run by Dr. Kaveh Karandish, Fountain Hills Medical Spa offers its patients a myriad of treatments ranging from non-surgical face lifts to immune-boosting IV drips.

Karandish is no stranger in the Fountain Hills area. Previously, he ran Fountain Hills Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, but ended up selling the practice while retaining the medical spa portion of it.

Dr. Karandish held on to the medical spa side of the practice for a couple of reasons.

“Number one, it is something that I enjoy doing,” Karandish said. “Number two, we already had a list of patients that like our work and wanted to come back to us. We also offer weight loss services. I have a bunch of weight loss patients, which I also offer to my medical patients, so these are things that we did before. If I didn’t open this (location), I couldn’t really offer that anymore.”

Karandish, who previously split his time between Fountain Hills and Prescott, is now mainly focused on his clients in Fountain Hills.

“I bought the practice from Dr. Patel in January of 2019, so it has almost been exactly two years,” Karandish said. “It has been good. My first year, I divided my time between here and Prescott, but now 90 percent of the time I am here.”

At Fountain Hills Medical Spa, patients can receive treatments from estheticians for things such as skin care, but they can receive some more cutting-edge treatments as well.

“We do some cool things; like, we do stem cell therapy,” Karandish said. “I do fat transfer, where what we do is harvest fat from the belly. Belly fat and, in general, fat tissue, has a lot of stem cell. So we extract that, process it and purify it to make micro fat and nano fat. Micro fat, you can inject most areas, such as joints, to help with arthritis. Nano fat can be used for facial reconstruction.”

One of the spa’s most popular treatments, usurpingly in the age of a pandemic, are immune boosting IV drips.

“We also provide IV treatments,” Karandish said. “We offer six different IVs that can be found on our website, so patients can pick and choose what they want. Those take about 30 minutes and usually we try to do them on Saturdays, but we can do appointments also. These days, IVs are really popular, especially because of their immune-boosting effects.”

Dr. Karandish said Fountain Hills Medical Spa tries to offer regular offer deals to its clients.

“We usually have monthly specials,” he added. “Right now, what we are promoting is the face lift and the skin tightening machine, so we are giving 10 to 15 percent off for the winter season for patients who want to do those treatments.”

Fountain Hills Medical Spa is located at 16824 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Suite 21. For more information on the procedures provided, visit the spa’s website at drkmedspa.com.