Aesthetic Elegance and Wellness owner Ellen Mackay said her local medical spa (medspa) offers a variety of services, including everything from Botox and Dysport to fillers, B12, Myers IV, Kybella and more. The business is located at 16810 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Suite 114, and can be reached at 480-466-4056. Additional information can be found on the Aesthetic Elegance Facebook page by searching for the business’ name.

Mackay began her career as a critical care nurse in Seattle. She has been in the Valley for about 13 years and still works in the medical field part-time, doing everything from neuro-Acu to Cath lab and gamma knife.

“Aesthetics, I’ve been interested in the field most of my life,” Mackay said. “I’ve been in the field for about six years now.”

Mackay said her offerings run the spectrum. Neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport, for instance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers, including Juvoderm and Restylane, are utilized for volume loss while B12 injections can be used for improved energy and mental alertness as well as a healthier immune system and improved sleep. Hair restoration is another offering she’s working to provide.

Those are just a few examples of the services available at the medspa, with Mackay offering a consultation to new clients to determine what, exactly, they wish to achieve.

Mackay said she and her husband really love Fountain Hills.

“The community and the people, we love it,” she said. “But when we moved here, there was no medspa for me to practice at. It’s always been a desire to open up my own so I thought, hey, we already live and play here, so let’s work here and just keep supporting this community and help it grow.”

Mackay couldn’t help but smile when asked what she enjoys most about her job.

“The people,” she said. “I love establishing a relationship with a client. It can be a real journey, a process, depending on what their goals are.

“Yes, we can achieve a more youthful look, but we can also feel more youthful with the vitamins and the injections. It’s great, getting to build those relationships along the way to them looking and feeling better.”

Mackay said there is a lot of confusion concerning her profession, with many people assuming it can be a bit scary.

“That’s why I do free consults, to educate people, let them know what we offer and what it can do,” she said. “Another one is that people want to know if it is painful. I have very good numbing cream and I’m very gentle, so no. I take my time and am very focused on what I’m doing. We’ll take as much time as needed and make sure you are comfortable.”

Mackay said one of the things that sets her apart in the field is her personal focus on continuing education.

“Yes, I’ve been doing this for a long time, but I always strive to go to every educational opportunity I can,” Mackay said. “The industry is always changing and there are always new and safer ways to inject, as well as new products coming out, so I always strive to educate myself. That’s really important to me.”

When asked who should give Aesthetic Elegance a call, Mackay laughed and said, “Anybody and everybody.”