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Yeargain: Peggy McMahon demonstrates excellent leadership


The reappearance of the hateful orange ROT signs around town is very annoying. Those signs are a reminder to residents of how disrespectful the last election for Fountain Hills Town Council became when three candidates teamed up to run as a slate. That campaign was arrogant, bullying and divisive. We certainly don’t need any more candidates like that!

 In July I will vote to re-elect Peggy McMahon because she has proven her ability to collaborate with others in a positive and productive manner. Her decisions are totally based on her legal background and what is good for the town, not some philosophical bias.

Peggy has demonstrated real dedication to doing the work of good leadership. Unlike some other council members, she comes to council meetings with an open mind, prepared to have intelligent discussion and make reasoned decisions. For 23 years she has been an active volunteer in the community, and since 2021 she has demonstrated excellent leadership skills on the town council. It is clear to me that she really knows this community well, cares about the needs of residents and envisions a vibrant future for Fountain Hills.

I urge everyone to talk to Peggy and then vote to keep her on the council.

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