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Schroder: Why I support Mayor Dickey


Mayor Dickey has my vote. 

In a calm and brave way she challenges others to refrain from negative attacks and focus on the issues relevant to the success of Fountain Hills. She is strong, stable and her accomplishments are visible on her website. There you will find details about the plans, events and projects undertaken by the town since Mayor Dickey was sworn into office on Dec. 5, 2018.

What matters to you? Roads, economic development, supporting businesses, public safety, education? These are concerns that residents of Fountain Hills contend with. We all have the freedom to research, study and develop an informed opinion about our communities and then vote accordingly.

I want to see a beautiful, welcoming, thriving community, where there is room for a variety of living spaces, where folks feel safe and do their shopping locally.  

Mayor Dickey’s efforts have led the town in that direction. She challenges the status quo because the town can’t sustain itself without change. A supportive and engaged council can truly implement a vision that will add to a list of traits that places Fountain Hills on the map.

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