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Currently, 120.5 guns are owned for every 100 United States’ residents, the highest rate in the world by a factor of more than two, according to US News & World Report. Think about that fact as the MAGA Republicans, FOX and the NRA tell you that if we just had more guns and armed teachers, everybody would be protected. Hogwash!

Now, consider that only 32% of our populace owns one or more guns. And even the majority of these gun owners support specific gun safety policies such as red flag laws, universal background checks and requiring permits to purchase or possess a gun. Why then does Congress refuse to act? It’s obvious that MAGA Republicans have found their manufactured fear campaign (fear immigrants, crime, the “other” – buy a gun) to be a winning strategy for them, rewarded by dark money.

Those concerned about the unbelievably frequent and devastating mass shootings, now affecting every demographic and location, must pledge to vote for candidates who present solutions and vote out those who refuse to even bring gun legislation to the floor for a vote. Congress has been MIA for years. While they play the politics of “destroy the opposing party,” we’re left with huge crises both in gun deaths and in a disastrous immigration situation. Neither of these should be partisan issues.

Our country currently has an extremely low unemployment rate with corporations all over the country begging for more workers. Our economy desperately needs immigrants. At the same time there’s a worldwide surge of asylum seekers fleeing violence and starvation, seeking safety and work. Congress must act. Reforming immigration helps everyone.

The time for playing the politics of fear and division is over. Vote for those who truly care about our country and humanity and will work to fix what is broken.