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Frank: Arpaio is head and shoulders above his opponents


Many citizens do not understand how the council manager form of government works. Before you vote, I encourage you to Google the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Council Manager Government brochure. It will help you understand the bright line between policy (council role) and administrative/operational (town manager and staff role).

The mayor is not the “boss of the town.” The mayor has one vote, just like the other six councilors. The mayor primarily presides over meetings and is the ceremonial face of town government. However, the mayor should be a visionary leader with a strong leadership personality. Mayor can’t act unilaterally except in emergency circumstances.

The council makes policy about city functions, budgets, tax rates, contracts, planning and zoning and goal setting. Only the town manager hires and fires staff and carries out policies adopted by the council.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is head and shoulders above his two underqualified mayoral opponents to carry out the mayor’s functions. He has decades of experience in leadership as sheriff and prior. He is skilled at running meetings. Skilled at budgets. Skilled at planning. And he is known in Arizona, nationally and worldwide. He’s pro-business. And in an emergency, he has dozens and dozens of serious crisis management experiences. 

His opponents have shown they are not leaders, as evidenced by the chronic partisan bickering, ethics complaints, etc. As President Trump said at his recent Phoenix rally where only Sheriff Joe was called up on stage, “there were no games played with Sheriff Joe.”

Read the brochure. Stop the chronic partisan bickering.

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