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I normally like to take the high road when it comes to the mudslinging but, unfortunately, when I was named in the paper as a person that donated to Reclaim Our Town on Oct. 26 by Michael Scott, I felt I needed to speak up.

When we, Mark and I, chose to donate, it was for the Aug. 2 election to get conservative candidates that were running for the Town Council seats. So, I disagree with the statement that Michael Scott made in his letter to the editor on Oct. 26, that our donation had any ties to the Nov. 8 election on the FHUSD budget/bond.

We wanted our beautiful town to have conservative, fiscally responsible candidates that wanted to listen to their constituents and not talk down on the people that they are to represent. We feel that the majority of the current council members are deaf to the same people that elected them to represent them and to do what is best for Fountain Hills. This is why we made this decision to donate to Reclaim Our Town.

Mark and I are very active in our community and donate a lot of time in volunteering in many organizations and donate a lot of money to improve our town, and we are very involved in Fountain Hills and all we want is to make a positive difference in Fountain Hills.