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On Monday, June 13, Fountain Hills Theater (FHT) held its 23rd Annual Volunteer Appreciation and Prize Awards Ceremony. During the course of the year, 2021-22 season ticketholders completed ballots, rating each show that they attended.

These votes are tabulated following the final production of the season and winners are announced at the ceremony. In addition, awards are presented for outstanding contributions and dedication to the theater. This year's winners are:

*Best Overall Production: “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Director, Best Lighting and Set Design: Peter J. Hill for “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Costumes: Noel Irick for “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Music Direction: Jay Melberg for “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Choreography: Lily Ruth Whipple for “Grease.”

*Best Hair and Makeup: Patrick Russo for “SUDS.”

*Best Actor in a Major Role: Luke Christian Ottinger as Jerry Lee Lewis in “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Actress in a Major Role: Kori Stearns as Snow White in “Disenchanted!”

*Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Benjamin Tietz as Scotty in “Ripcord.”

*Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Jackie Horn as The Little Mermaid in “Disenchanted!” and Danielle Echavarria as The Princess Who Kissed the Frog in “Disenchanted!”

*Best Actor in a Minor Role: Stephan Hettinger as Brother Jay in “Million Dollar Quartet” and John Aranda as Fluke in “Million Dollar Quartet.”

*Best Actress in a Minor Role: Mandy Crandall as Officer Putney in “Rumors.”

*Outstanding Contribution: Randy Beard and Geoff Levear.

*Special Recognition: Taylor McGlone as Understudy for Cindy in “SUDS.”

*The Benoit Torrilhon Distinguished Service Award: Bob and Alisa Feugate.