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Enjoy the sweet sound of the fabulous Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra at the Swingtime meeting Tuesday, March 19.

The group gathers at 1 p.m. at the Community Center. Membership in the Activity Center is required to attend Swingtime meetings.

The Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Band was the premier swing band in the early 1930s. When the brothers split up in 1935, Tommy went on to put together a band that is considered to be the swing dance band of the era.

At its peak, the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra boasted five saxophone players, four trumpeters, four trombonists, piano, guitar, bass, drums, plus a string section and a harp.

The band also had six singers, including a young Frank Sinatra. Swingtime revisits this great band in some of its finest recorded musical performances.

All in attendance are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and feelings about the music, the music makers and to share their special memories.

For more information, contact Bill Whittaker at 480-837-7961, or the Activity Center at 480-816-5226.

A spin-off of the Golden Age of Radio, Swingtime plays vintage 78 rpm records from that magical era when swing was king.

Listen to the big bands and small ensembles, the crooners and singing groups. Remember the grand ballrooms, the dance crazes and dance contests. While not all the music of the time was swing, the term itself defines that period from the depression years through World War II.