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One of my chiropractic
mentors over the years is
Dr. Eric Plasker, founder
of the 100 Year Lifestyle
movement. He taught me
many things about being
the best chiropractor I could
be and the importance of
making every opportunity
with patients count, never
taking for granted the awesome responsibility to help
guide people to a lifestyle
to bring them closer to realizing their true health
Over the years I would
ask patients how they
would like to see themselves age. Most reply they
don’t want to live too long!
They would then explain
how this was because they
saw how their parents or
grandparents aged and
struggled in their later
years. But the part that is
almost always overlooked
is that the best science in
genetics suggests we have
great blueprints---95% of
people have such great genetic potential that they
could live vitally from 80 to
120 years of age! The problem is most of us blame our
genetics for our ills and
fail to realize our lifestyle
is the problem. To live the
100-year lifestyle means
making better choices. It
doesn’t mean sacrificing
everything you enjoy. In
fact, most patients tell me
that once they adapt to the
better choices, they don’t
miss their ‘old-self ’.

t h a t
h u mans
are the
o n l y
a n i mals on Dr. Christopher R. Condon, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician
with chronic disease. You
don’t see giraffes or lions
or hippos or flamingos in
the wild with cancer, diabetes or heart disease. We
do it to ourselves by living
with the wrong lifestyle.
survival values eventually catch up with us---the
symptoms coming last. To
avoid the disease, we must
first address removing the
causes. The good news is
it’s simple. It might not always be easy but it’s simple. Dialing in to our daily
choices and paying attention to the Four Essentials of Life, Food, Water,
Oxygen and Nerve Supply
will allow us the necessary
quality and quantity to
live our best lives!

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